Welcome to Artloch Fishery based in Aberdeenshire

Artloch Fishery is situated 3 miles outside of Huntly, Aberdeenshire and is popular with local anglers because of its natural setting, its clean and tidy facilities and its quality fighting trout. Built in 1976, making it the first rainbow trout water in Aberdeenshire, it was re-opened in October 2003.

  • Almost 5 acres of bank rainbow and brown trout fly-fishing in a very peaceful, natural setting.
  • Stocked with good fighting Rainbow trout from 2 lbs into double figures.
  • Resident Brown Trout to 5 lbs.
  • Two silt ponds ensure the water is clear, albeit slightly peaty in colour.
  • Loch is set against a backdrop of mature conifers and deciduous trees.
  • Abundance of natural aquatic and aerial life.
  • A warm welcome to both regular and visiting anglers.
  • While you “rest a while” at Artloch Fishery you may glance the visiting osprey, or even an otter, and reflecting upon the local wildlife, leave your stresses and worries behind.

Sharpe’s of Aberdeen are now located at Artloch Fishery.


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