Fishery Rules

  • Fly Fishing ONLY; maximum of 3 flies.
  • Be a courteous angler…so don’t crowd another angler…equally, don’t hog a spot.
  • Please dispose of all waste in either the bins or bring back to the hut. Nylon should always either be cut into small sections or, the preferred method, return to the hut for disposal.
  • No double or treble hooks, no propeller flies, flickers or Booby fishing.
  • We are not a selective fishery – i.e. you do not select the fish you want to kill. Instead, you kill you first, second etc fish you catch up to the ticket limit, thereafter Catch & Release using barbless or de-barbed hooks.
  • Release fish from the water if at all possible. If fish have to be handled, wet your hands first; see Handling Fish posters in the Fishing Hut.
  • Anyone mistreating fish will be banned.
  • No fishing in the 2 silt ponds and from the causeway.
  • Kept fish must be weighed and recorded
  • Always use the toilet – do not nip into the bushes, thank you.
  • The owner reserves the right to check angler’s catch and all baggage upon leaving the fishery.
  • Rates and opening hours are subject to amendment.
  • Damaged or excess fish will be charged at £2.75 per lb.
  • The owner’s decision is final
  • Fishing at Artloch is taken as accepting these Fishery rules.

A Trout's Prayer

Please bully me into the net,
The longer I fight, the weaker I get,
Unhook me in the water, that’s where I belong,
Not on the bank – you know that’s wrong,
And use only barbless, they cause me no pain,
They’re quick from my mouth and I’m fee once again.

B Earp 2005


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