What a week or so it’s been, at least with the weather! Rain, bright sunshine, a rising and falling barometer, flat calm water, changing wind direction, humid and sticky conditions – all making fishing, or catching fish, that more challenging.

While the recent warm / hot weather has certainly brought out the wildlife, in particular a large number of blue damsels and various spinners that the house martins have thoroughly enjoyed them, the changeable weather has meant that the trout have been a little reluctant to be tempted to the fly, particularly during the day.

We continue to have a good flow of water and have now almost completely removed the loch weed (the majority of that left is now floating awaiting to drift into a bank), the trout have obviously decided to either go deep into cooler / darker water or move in and out of the inflow.

Most anglers have managed to tempt some reasonable numbers, best was 29; 24 rainbows and 5 blues.   Interestingly, an angler blanked on the same day.  

Successful flies appear to reflect the changing circumstances with trout being tempted to Yellow Dancer, Diawl Bach, Green Buzzer (others mentioned but not specific), Sedge, Klinkhammer and finally a number stating Dark Dries (again not specified).   We understand anglers are using a floating line, but in bright conditions, allowing the fly to sink a while.

Best rainbow recorded has been 5 lbs, with 3-4 lbs consistently being tempted.   But once again no sign of our brownies. However, I’m pleased to report that just before we restocked on Wednesday, one of our blues was returned, so there were still there; they have now been joined by more after the restocking.

Finally, delighted to see some young people from the Loft Youth Project from Keith out the other day – https://www.facebook.com/KeithLoftYP/. While it wasn’t ideal conditions, we understand they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the BBQ’d trout.


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