Sorry that’s been a while, but it’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks.

As you would expect at this time of year, the trout are feeding well which means that a large number of anglers are using a variety of dry flies. Examples have been Black Hopper, Sedge (various patterns), Caddis, Greenwell Glory and Daddies.

Even when the trout have not been showing, they have been tempted to come to the surface to take a fly.

With the high level of feeding, Buzzers have also been successful, in particular a lime green with a white tail and a standard black. Some anglers have also tempted trout with nymphs, with the Diawl Bach being the most successful.

Fly line selection has been very consistent with almost every angler opting for a floating line. Not unusual considering the surface activity, whether that be trout or flies/insects.

In terms of numbers caught, the top rod was 16, but we’ve had a number of other anglers get into double figures.

While we might not have any double figure fish, we do have some very fit fish and this has been commented upon on a number of occasions recently. Heaviest fish recently was a 5 lbs rainbow, with numerous 3-4 lbs caught. While our blue trout have been elusive recently, some of our brownies have fallen to a fly, including one at 3 lbs.

Finally, we stocked twice in recent weeks, the last on 1 Jul 19.

Restocking 1 Jul 19
Restocking 1 Jul 19
Restocking 1 Jul 19
Restocking 1 Jul 19


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