Families Day – Photographs. These can now be found at Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust post, dated 22 May.

The past week or so has been, yet again, a bit of a mixed bag regarding the weather. For those anglers visiting the area who came to fish for salmon were disappointed because of the poor conditions. However, it was to our benefit because we had a group of 3 anglers from France who came to us instead and another couple of anglers from Edinburgh. The French anglers did extremely well on their first visit releasing a total of 40 fish, while on the following day with conditions certainly breezy tempted 15. The Edinburgh anglers fished in even more difficult, blustery conditions but still managed to entice fish.

The week before we had some very nice fish caught and returned. A brown trout that was estimated to be circa 5lbs and a rainbow of a similar weight.

Despite the conditions, the majority of anglers have been using a variety of dries including Klinkhammers, Sedge and Hoppers. Some anglers have been using both a Klinkhammer with a Suspended Buzzer to good effect. Others have used Buzzers, but not deep.

With fish rising to feed, it’s no wonder that the majority of fish have been tempted to a dry fly.

On a more interesting point, we’re delighted that we can confirm that eels are now back in the loch, having witnessed a heron catch and eaten it.   It was caught very near to the inlet pipe and looked around 2 feet.   We’re pleased with this because it’s the first we’ve seen since we renovated loch and is an excellent sign of the high quality of our water.

We’ve also started to see more of the Osprey, but only fleetingly with the river offering an easier fishing. That was until today when we witnessed it taking what looked like a small brownie.

Finally, we stocked on Mon 22 May.

Restocking 22 May
Restocking – 22 May 19

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