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While the later half of the week has been really nice, the wind has still be from the East making it feel a bit chilly.

The fishing has been pretty good for most anglers with a good basket of 15 rainbows, best at 3 lbs. Another said the 3 1/2 lbs brownie was the best he’d ever caught. Best rainbow was circa 5 lbs, while other in the 3 to 4 lbs range have also been caught. One angler managed to catch a blue trout that gave him a bit of a tussle.

Early in the week the most productive fly was the damsel and Cats Whisker, However, with the warmer weather came an increase in fly activity, so a number of anglers were successful with a variety of dry flies. For the dry fly angler the most successful colour has been black. A few fish were attracted to a buzzer (no pattern) mentioned.

Today, Friday 17 May, we took advantage of the wind to do a bit more weed cutting, but this time concentrating on the bay in front of the hut. You can see for yourselves how successful it’s been. This weed has been cut around 12″ from the bottom, thus leaving the “good” weed. We couldn’t help but notice how many blood worms we saw.

Cutting Weed in the Bay
                     Weeding Cutting in the Front Bay

Result of the work – none was showing on the surface.




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