It’s been an interesting couple of weeks regarding the weather with almost a heat wave, today sleet and snow and an almost constant easterly wind. I mention the wind because we usually have a westerly, so that’s been very unusual and, at times, cold. Still despite these conditions’ anglers have, in the main, continued to see fish both moving around the loch and feeding off, or very near, the surface. With the unusual wind, the most productive part of the loch has been the far bank, but that’s not too surprising with the wind going into it.

With these conditions it’s therefore unsurprising that a number of anglers have reported using various dries and attracting and catching trout.

For a while the most successful flies were either a Red-Hot Damsel or a Diawl Bach with either red varnish or a red flash that dominated the catch returns. However, shortly before we had this cold snap, there were a wide variety of flies that caught the trout’s attention including: CDC, Klinkhammer, Cormorant, Olive Fritz, Daddy, Buzzer, Nymph and Blob.

We’re also had some more brownies caught, circa 1lbs to 1 ½ lbs and a Blue, again around 1 ½ lbs.

While there have been a number of rainbows around 3 to 3 ½ lbs caught, the best rainbow was 5lbs 7ozs. This was caught during the Troutmasters Fish-Off that was won by Neil Scowen with 28 fish and runner-up was Gaenor Berkin with 6. Neil continued to fish-on after the competition ending the day with a quite remarkable 44, the majority taken on an Egg or Wormy App.

We also restocked on Wed 1 May and managed to obtain a few more blues.

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