The improved weather in recent days was a welcome relief from the cold wind, with a couple of days with some sunny and warm weather. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long with the return of a cold, easterly wind. Still the forecast is for an overall improvement this week; I hope so because today has been particularly cold again!

Once again, as in life, some anglers have been more successful that others. Some good bags have been recorded over with 10+ fish for the angler’s visit, while other have, sadly, blanked; t’was ever the same. Best bag was on Sunday with a total of 20 rainbows, all returned. Close behind was an angler with 19.

While the majority of fish have been in the 2 – 2 1/2 lbs range, fish up to 5 lbs have been recorded. On the better day, we’ve seen a good number of rising fish and those anglers wishing to test their dry fly skills have been rewarded. A couple of 3lbs brownies have also been caught and returned.
While Buzzers have not been particularly successful in recent weeks, it would seem that this changed in the past week. However, the most productive pattern has been a damsel, particularly with a red bead, this has been followed by a red head Diawl Bach.
We re-stocked on 10 Apr 19 and apologise for the photographs showing the re-stocking, but the battery died while taking the photos. Still, you can just make out some of the fish!

Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature

Image may contain: outdoor, water and nature

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