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The weather has been a bit of a mixed bag in the past few weeks, with some really nice, warm days, while recently we’ve had snow, sleet, rain and a cold wind.    The later not being suited for fly fishing.   Despite these changeable conditions, a number of anglers have had some good visits.   With baskets of 15, 11 and an evening bag of 9 when we experienced our first proper evening rise. In terms of weight, the majority have been circa 2 ½ lbs, but some excellent condition fish in excess of 3 lbs have also been caught and returned.

While some anglers have been tempted to use intermediate fly lines, the majority of trout being caught have been on a floating line. If the trout are down, then adjusting the fly has been more successful than changing to a heavier line.   We’ve seen a variety of successful flies with some anglers persisting with their favourites.   However, in the past week or so, a Red-Head Damsel, Bibio and Red-Head Diawl Bach have been particularly successful. Other flies have included Hot-Head Damsel, Shrimp, Buzzer (sorry colour not recorded and I’ve forgotten if I was told) and a Klinkhammer for when the fish are rising.

With the weather forecast to improve in the future and if we get some light winds, or rather not the blustery gusts we’ve experienced recently, we should expect to see more rising trout.   I would again recommend keeping with a floating line, but if unsuccessful if the higher water, then use a heavier fly and to count it down to around 3 feet.   That seems to be a good depth.
Finally, we saw the Osprey for the first this year on 1 Apr – no it’s not a joke – and thinking back, it would be around a week or so earlier than last year.   Do you think he/she knows something?


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