The past few days have been frankly glorious, at least for February! The temperature has been as high as 16 degrees and the trout have definately been on the move and taking feed near or off the surface. We’ve even witnessed a hatch, although no angler was brave enough for shorts!

With the trout on the move, the majority of anglers have been using floating lines and the most successful method has been a buzzer around 2 feet under an indicator or a dry fly. On the subject of dry flies, one angler managed to tempt a rainbow trout to one, so they were happy. While the majority of rainbows have been in the 2 – 3 lbs range, anglers are reporting that they are in very good condition. One lucky (or skillful angler?) managed to tempt a 3lb brownie that was safely returned.

We restocked on Friday 22 Feb and a number of anglers watched them being put into the loch. We were pleased when we heard them remark about how good the condition of the trout were.

Restocking 22 Feb 19
Restocking 22 Feb 19


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